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Xabi Soler - Artist Bio

For years the artist has created sculptures with waste of everyday life, different found objects and materials that offer his work a sustainable characteristic as well as a conceptual content which place him at the forefront of contemporary artistic practices, questioning the main-stream and the established as did at their time the great artists of beginning of the XX Century.
He transforms inert matter by endowing it with a soul that returns these discarded materials to their life cycle, the same cycle that his sculptures speak of, that energy flow and the quantum evolution that determines the spiritual growth of our time.

In itself, the mysticism of universal law is what is opening the doors to the world of a new ERA. The change of Polarity in knowledge, the change powered by imagination and the new results generated by collective action.

Xabi Soler, is the artistic name of the 46-year-old Zaragozano who has lived in Ibiza for a decade, self-taught and dreamer, as he defines himself, and a virtuoso with his hands as his works demonstrate.

Xabi Soler, in 2012, created and founded the TETRA Art and Culture Association, together with a group of Ibiza local artists and has participated in several environmental art projects with the PROARTSO Association and

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